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"We Foster Businesses Networks & Collaborations"

Market Intelligence & Knowledge Exchange

At Ed-Worth Media, we research and develop conferences for a wide range of industries and bring together key stakeholders, solution providers, innovators, and disruptors to exchange knowledge, case studies, spark innovative solutions and refine ideas to meet the ever-evolving business needs.

Business Events

Ed-Worth Media specializes in organizing and delivering events that offer business worth by providing unique opportunities to grow networks and learn from industry leaders

Our conferences, virtual events, forums and media partners help our clients to multiply brand presence, achieve strategic goals, forge new collaborations, and gain key market insights that bring about efficiency and effectiveness to their business.


19 APRIL 2021



Ed-Worth Conferences: We connect companies with knowledge, people and opportunities to foster new business, demonstrate their products, and transform businesses, solution providers attend these conferences to show attendees that they are thought leaders and can help companies overcome business challenges with their solutions or products.

Virtual Summits

Ed-Worth Virtual Summits: Our virtual events significantly boosting the value of networking possibilities. with live networking rooms, 1-2-1 video and audio conferencing, integrated social media channels and virtual business cards, allows you to connect on a global scale and usable attendance data that will form the basis for future marketing communications.. In fact, it’s one of the most sustainable ways you can host an event today.


B2B / B2G

Ed-Worth Events:Our Diverse experience in conference production, event management, webinars and speaker / delegate acquisition expertise, and we will assist you or lead the entire event project you desire to create.  ​Clients’ business objectives are at the forefront of our tailored-made events.

Audience Generation

Acquisition focused marketing, demand generation campaign management.Tell us the demographics, profile, industries and geographies to be targeted and we will see to it that the rooms are full.


Ed-Worth Trainings: Our training division offers professionals, managers, and business executives the opportunity to enhance their professional skill-set and knowledge through in-house training programs.


Ed-Worth Webinars: Nothing works like educating your customers to make them your brand advocates. Go for this format for big ticket purchases.

Our Core Competence

  • Market Research

  • Conference Production

  • Event Consultation

  • B2B Marketing

  • Campaign Management

  • Virtual Event Production

  • Bespoke Events

  • Audience/Delegate Acquisition

  • Data & Lead Generation

  • Event Execution

We Serve Our Clients: Upholding Ethical Standards

We listen to what our clients tell us, so we can continue to develop our capabilities for them

experienced Team: Having delivered CONTENT and conferences on a wide range of subjects

Our core team comes with over a decades experience in developing Content, Conferences, B2B Summits, Trainings, Corporate Meetings, Customer Engagement, Virtual Summits, Webinars for clients and organisation on a wide range of subjects.

Topics Include, but not limited to:


Cyber Security | Artificial Intelligence | Automation (RPA) | Blockchain | IR4 | Fintech | Procurement Technology | Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity | Smart Grid | HVAC - District Cooling and more...


Waste Management | Water Desalination Renewable Energy | Green Workplace and more...

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